Competition for Mr Röstimann!

Store cupboard supper: you know it only too well – that kohlrabi lingering in the veg drawer of the fridge shouting „cook me“ – and the bulk buy of smoked salmon from a couple of months ago taking up too much space in the freezer. This calls for a flight of fantasty from Burnt the Chef.. So, just add a wonderfully creamy (yes, only cream) béchamel sauce for said kohlrabi (cut into an accurate 5 x 5 mm dice, of course) and Bob is the proverbial.

This was a delicious supper for two served with the outstanding Grauburgunder from Hanspeter Ziereisen. As his wife Edeltraud says, there are two types of Grauburgunder: the buddha type (fat, doesn’t move much) and the sumo wrestler type (also fat but moves). So guess which type their GB is?

Recipe to download (Hauptgang)