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Slow food principles: regional and seasonal

We love cooking-from-scratch and those true slow food principles of regional and seasonal. Just 4.1 kilometers separates Jürgen Hofmann’s wine estate in Appenheim from Franz Steeg’s asparagus farm in Ober-Hilbersheim, two gems from Rheinhessen. You, dear reader, have probably never heard of either of these two places. That is not really surprising given that Appenheim …


One of Bernd’s favourites: Rotkohl

A traditional German classic (and one of Bernd’s favourites): Bratwurst with mashed potatoes and red cabbage (the Brits would be having sausages and mash – and if you’re lucky, tomato ketchup or baked beans as the „vegetable“). But I want to talk about the red cabbage and not the cultural differences. When it’s good (the …