One of Bernd’s favourites: Rotkohl

A traditional German classic (and one of Bernd’s favourites): Bratwurst with mashed potatoes and red cabbage (the Brits would be having sausages and mash – and if you’re lucky, tomato ketchup or baked beans as the „vegetable“). But I want to talk about the red cabbage and not the cultural differences. When it’s good (the red cabbage I mean), it’s very, very good – and this was extraordinarily good. Pepped up with prunes, apple, orange juice and port, spiced up with cardamom, allspice, chili and ginger and transformed into glistening glory with Schweineschmalz (that’s the rather less sexy sounding „lard“ to the Brits). Delicious.

By the way, the recipe has been classified as „vegetarisch“ because it is just the red cabbage. Vegetarians don’t need to do the Bratwurst accompaniment…..

Recipe to download (Veggie)