Wine of the moment

Drink now and protect yourself from Covid

Apparently red wine protects you against Covid: according to UK Biobank research, red wine drinkers have 10-17% more protection against the virus than non-drinkers. Allegedly it has to do with all those antioxidants (found in anthocynanins – that’s the colour and tannins in red wine). This is a theory worth trying out. We decided to put it to the test with a bottle of barrique-aged Blaufränkish (aka Lemberger to all you non-Germans) from Andreas and Markus Klumpp of the eponymous estate. Said winery is in Bruchsal in the Kraichgau in Baden, famous for asparagus and its prison (no idea why I know that!!!). Anyhow the 2015 is at its peak with gently peppery notes, vibrant redcurrant fruit and well-integrated coffee and chocolate-y tannins. One empty bottle later and we still haven’t got Covid. So the theory must work.