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The original spaghetti carbonara

The original spaghetti carbonara: take good quality spaghetti, trenette or linguine (ideally „al bronzo“ ie with a roughed-up surface so that the sauce sticks better), use guanciale (cured and air-dried pig’s cheek, not smoked) and not bacon, please, as well as eggs with additional egg yolks rather than cream, Pecorino cheese (ideally from Sardinia), parsley, …


Competition for Mr Röstimann!

Store cupboard supper: you know it only too well – that kohlrabi lingering in the veg drawer of the fridge shouting „cook me“ – and the bulk buy of smoked salmon from a couple of months ago taking up too much space in the freezer. This calls for a flight of fantasty from Burnt the …


Saturday salmon and sauvignon

Don’t you just love a bit of alliteration. To be more precise: this was salmon teriyaki (with miso, lemon zest, honey and jalapenos) with pan-fried green asparagus and shiitake mushrooms seasoned with coriander and mint. The herbal green notes in the dish harmonised beautifully with the capsicum and tomato leaf, clean-as-a-whisktle character of this 2020 …