Hauptgang Wine of the moment

The trick with the copper coin

On this occasion I had to use the trick with the copper coin in a decanter (somehow this aerates reductive red wine and removes the bound sulphur / bad eggs character) but after this, we were happy bunnies. Roland Velich is an extraordinary winemaker from Burgenland by the Neusiedlersee in Austria with its warm Pannonian climate, iron oxide rich soils and Austrian, Slavic and Hungarian influences. Roland is a master with Blaufränkisch (also known under the less sexy name of Lemberger) and not only makes outstanding wines under his own label (Moric) but also has „project“ wines with grapes from other growers. This 2017 Blaufränkisch is in conjunction with Christoph Wachter and has 20% whole cluster and appears to be unoaked. Once it is aerated it vibrates with pure energy, cherry stone fruit, tension and a „bloody“ earthiness. The lamb ragout, tomato and courgette sauce with the pasta coped admirably.