Snacks & Starters

Is life too short? Stuffed courgette flowers.

Somebody somewhere said that life was too short to stuff a mushroom. I guess the same is true for courgette flowers. But if you happen to find yourself in a little restaurant anywhere in the world and they offer stuffed courgette flowers on the menu, then you would be mad not to order them. These were stuffed with a creamy cheese filling and were just divine. Served up in an unpretentious looking restaurant ( on the edge of Lecce’s old town (note to reader: Lecce is a charming town full of Baroque architecture in the local creamy yellow limestone in the heel of Italy, in the Salento peninsula: worth a visit, or two) where the cuisine is such that one can definitely spend a bit of time there. Oh, and if you fancy taking a trip there, let us know, we can recommend an excellent appartment in the heart of Lecce.