Slow food principles: regional and seasonal

We love cooking-from-scratch and those true slow food principles of regional and seasonal. Just 4.1 kilometers separates Jürgen Hofmann’s wine estate in Appenheim from Franz Steeg’s asparagus farm in Ober-Hilbersheim, two gems from Rheinhessen. You, dear reader, have probably never heard of either of these two places. That is not really surprising given that Appenheim has 1399 inhabitants and Ober-Hilbersheim only 1034. The joy of proximity is that the local produce tastes amazing together. Jürgen’s tight, mineral, bone-dry and linear Riesling vom Muschelkalk (that’s shell limestone to the non-German speakers) matches beautifully with Franz Steeg’s first-class white asparagus topped with an egg vinaigrette. Hand-chopped, home-made. Limited food miles rules ok. Deadline for asparagus enjoyment: 24 June. No deadline for the wine.

Recipe to download (Veggie)