Wine of the moment

One of my favourite grape varieties

Yum! Possibly not the most professional of tasting notes but this single vineyard Oregon Pinot Noir from Willamette Valley was gorgeous. Totally „a point“ (2017 vintage) and showing that wonderful rotty, undergrowth, sous-bois style that I love. To look at the wine, many would dismiss it: too light, too much browning, obviously not holding up well. But there is power there, intensity, layers of complexity, peeling off in flavour after flavour. Soft, sweet, bruised strawberry fruit and tantalizing acidity keeping everything fresh. Adea, a funny name for a winery but apparently an acronym for the family members (ok, why not, even though it seems a little corny for died-in-the-wool heritage-lovers, with family crest et al). Anyhow, the Fisher family, as they are actually called, appear to be devoted Pinotphiles with 90% of their production being Pinot Noir. One could surmise that perhaps Pinot Noir is one of their favourite grape varieties too.