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Rieslings to be cheerful: the Nahe Valley

The Nahe Valley is one of the smallest of Germany’s thirteen wine-growing regions. Listen to Alison telling us about some of the Rieslings and other wines grown there from top grower, Martin Korrell of Weingut Korrell Johanneshof in Bad Kreuznach. The wines tasted are: Kirschheck Riesling, Paradies Riesling and Steinmauer (Grauburgunder, Weissburgunder & Chardonnay).


Slow food principles: regional and seasonal

We love cooking-from-scratch and those true slow food principles of regional and seasonal. Just 4.1 kilometers separates Jürgen Hofmann’s wine estate in Appenheim from Franz Steeg’s asparagus farm in Ober-Hilbersheim, two gems from Rheinhessen. You, dear reader, have probably never heard of either of these two places. That is not really surprising given that Appenheim …

Snacks & Starters

Grandma’s potato soup

Bernd’s grandma was a good cook – and was also the inspiration for Bernd’s cooking career (it certainly didn’t come from his mother, who had four hungry children to feed and very little time, although Alison has to admit her mother-in-law’s hazelnut cake is probably the best on the planet). In winter she used to …


The original spaghetti carbonara

The original spaghetti carbonara: take good quality spaghetti, trenette or linguine (ideally „al bronzo“ ie with a roughed-up surface so that the sauce sticks better), use guanciale (cured and air-dried pig’s cheek, not smoked) and not bacon, please, as well as eggs with additional egg yolks rather than cream, Pecorino cheese (ideally from Sardinia), parsley, …


Competition for Mr Röstimann!

Store cupboard supper: you know it only too well – that kohlrabi lingering in the veg drawer of the fridge shouting „cook me“ – and the bulk buy of smoked salmon from a couple of months ago taking up too much space in the freezer. This calls for a flight of fantasty from Burnt the …